Wednesday Reviews

Wednesday Review – The Boy Who Lived!

Wednesday ReviewLast weekend I decided I’m gonna read the Harry Potter books again and while I’m at it, I’ll watch the movies as well. First one down, six more books to read and seven movies to watch.

The Book

I read the first book, Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone, the first time ten years ago. It was actually the first book I checked out from a library in England, (I lived in England as an au pair at the time). I’ve read all of the books again and again and I always love them as much as the first time. The last time I read them about two years ago.

Even though I’ve read the first book many times, I still don’t remember everything that happens and I still get surprised by some events. While I can’t remember some of the events ever happening I might remember some events happening differently. This just cool, because as long as the books bring something new to me, I’m gonna keep reading them again and again.

I gave the book four stars two years ago, which is about to change. Maybe some adulthood is trying to sneak its way in me, (Oh no! Get away you demon!), but this book wasn’t as good as I remembered. It was fun and quick to read, but because I know how good the rest of the books are I’m going to have to subtract one star and give the book three thumbs up!

Three thumbs

The Movie

This movie isn’t my favorite of the bunch, but I love it because I love all things Harry Potter. I don’t think the movie is really good movie-wise, but as an adaptation from the book it’s good enough. I’m glad the movies get better and better as the story progresses.

I give the movie three thumbs up as well!

Three thumbs

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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