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Trip Down a Memory Lane – Three

Love triangles can be a rather ugly business. I’m lucky enough to have never exactly been involved in one. Sadly I witnessed one and ended up being in the middle of the biggest teenage drama ever.

It all began on our first year at Finnish lukio (high school). We were 16 years old and eager to find the love of our lives.

There was this boy who liked my friend and I saw that my friend liked him back, so I gave her a little nudge and they started dating. We soon became a pretty tight group of four that included me and the new couple, plus one more girl from our school.

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The drama began when I overheard this third girl from our group telling someone else that she had had a thing with this boy. I think she didn’t realise I heard what she was saying because she was telling everything in quite specific detail. Or maybe she underestimated how good friends we were with the boy’s girlfriend.

I did give them a chance to come clean and tell everything, but after a few days they still hadn’t said anything, so I told my friend what I had overheard.

She took it quite well and very cleanly just ended the relationship, but the boyfriend and the cheating friend apparently didn’t like the way I handled the thing, so they turned really ugly on me.

All of a sudden I was in the middle of a huge love triangle and I wasn’t even romantically involved with any of them. Our fun little group got torn apart and we never spent time together again. Well, that’s how feeble teenage friendships can be.

The one thing I learned from this was to not get involved in other people’s drama.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri

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2 thoughts on “Trip Down a Memory Lane – Three

  1. Aww, that’s such a shame. Love triangles are the worst, and you got caught up in one without even being romantically involved! It’s really hard when we find ourselves in a dilemma like that – knowing a secret and wanting to tell it out of loyalty to a friend. And then other people go and get all vengeful … Such a drama. I think it still happens like that even when you get older! So your moral of the story – not to get involved in other people’s drama – well, that will probably save you some anguish in the future. I hope so! Very interesting post! 🙂

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