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Weekly Photo Challenge – A Day In My Life

Yesterday I made the decision that today I would do this weeks weekly photo challenge. We had plans to go shopping for some clothes for my husband and after that drive out of town to visit my mom. Not everything went according to plan…

First of all I was excited for the morning because usually one of our cats is sleeping in our bed with us and usually comes jumping on my stomach the moment I open my eyes. I thought that would make the cutest first picture of today’s collage, but of all the mornings this was the morning when both of them stayed out of the bedroom. I tried calling them over and over again, but they didn’t even meow back.

So I got up being very disappointed with our cats and made breakfast, which was rather satisfying. Then we got into our car and headed for the stores, but as I was about to get some money from the ATM I realised I had left my bankcard at home, so we drove back home and back to the mall again.

This time I got to the ATM just to be told I wasn’t getting any money out because apparently there was something wrong with my card. I checked by balance from the online service, and also that the card was valid. This is when I find out that apparently according to the online service I don’t have a card with this bank at all. I think it’s extremely odd as I’m holding it in my hand! I was getting really frustrated and because it’s Saturday the banks are closed, so there was nothing I could do about it.

At the end we did find a solution to pay for the clothes and some groceries we had to buy, but due to all the frustration there is no pictures of these events.

Quick stop at home and we’re off again to Turku to visit my mom and my sister. Mom made us the most delicious meal and I was in charge of the salad and the sauce.

Mom always goes over the board with the desserts and they’re always so good that I have to have them all.


I slept through the ride back home and gave a lecture to my husband for not taking a picture of me. I guess it would have been a little too dangerous as he was driving, so I forgave him for it.

Our day end with a sauna every Saturday and this Saturday was no exception.

At the end of the day I had a good day, though it did got a rather bad start. I bet I get an early wake up from one or both of our cats tomorrow. 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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