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Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense

A few weeks ago a friend inspired me to create a treasure map of my hopes and dreams for the future. The idea was to list ten of dreams you wish to come true and look for a picture to describe each of them. The first dream should be a rather easy one to fulfill, the last one almost impossible and the rest in between should gradually be more difficult then the one before.

As I started to create mine I thought I’d surely be sharing this map on my blog. After some time I for some reason changed my mind and thought I’d keep it private, but the weekly photo challenge encouraged me to go forward with my original plan and here I am sharing it with you guys.

SONY DSCBecause it’s a treasure map of my dreams I really wanted it to look like a map too, so I crafted a little road from the first to last.

My first dream is to learn to do things with my hair. I usually put on a ponytail or do a messy bun and I really want to do fun things with it because I have pretty great hair. I also wish I had stronger nails, hence the picture of a hand holding a hammer.

I wish I can find time to blog often in the future as well. As I’m also hoping to have children, I know this could be hard at times.

Some years ago we planned to go on a road trip through the United States with my girlfriends, but we never did it. At the time we didn’t have enough money, then some got into school and one got pregnant. I still wish we could do it someday, maybe when we’re fifty. Or maybe I’ll do it with my husband and future children, who knows.

Recently I’ve been seriously toying around with the thought of becoming a life coach. People need encouragement to do things they wish to do but for some weird reason they don’t do. I’ve been like that myself and needed a little push to even dream of thing I could dream about.

The next two hopes on the map are about traveling. I wish to live abroad someday. Recently I’ve been wishing I could live in France, but I’m not 100% set on that. All I know is that I want to live abroad just for the experience. The seventh hope I wrote down was to travel to all continents of the world. It’s not even close to impossible for some people, but traveling needs money and I suck at saving. Maybe “save some money” could have been one of my dreams as well.

The second of last dream I have is to own a house. This is something I can totally live without, but it’s something I’ve wanted for a ling time. This one too needs money!

The last one. The biggest, most impossible dream I have is to perform in a musical. I love performing and I think I’m not totally bad at dancing, but my singing is not too good. I would have to take a ton of singing lessons to fulfill this dream, and it still might not come true. But it’s not completely impossible.

These are my hopes and dreams for the future. What do you dream of? Just remember…

Anything is possible if you just dream it!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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