Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop – I don’t know how to…

Two weeks ago the writer’s workshop gave a me a chance to list ten things I know how to do. This week I’m listing ten things I don’t know how to do, because one of the prompts suggests I should.


1.) Write a post that begins and ends with the same line.
2.) Book review!
3.) 10 things you don’t know how to do.
4.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: Dance.
5.) Something you ate…

3.) 10 things you don’t know how t do.

Two weeks ago I used ten things that first came to my mind and so shall it be this time around too.

I don’t know how to…
1. … snap my fingers

I know the technique, but usually I can’t make any sound. I don’t know why, it’s just something I can not do.

2. … whistle.

This is something I would love to be able to do, but for some reason when I try to whistle I just end up blowing air. There are times when some sort of whistling action happens, but I usually get scared of the unusual sound coming out of me and it stops.

3. … fix a car.

If my car breaks down on the street, I have absolutely no idea what to do. I know how drive and how to to get gas and add water to the windshield washer, but pretty much everything else involving cars is a mystery to me.

4. … get things done on time.

I’m suffering of a serious case of procrastination. I do everything I can at the last minute. I usually make it all OK by saying I work better under pressure, but I’ve started to doubt that lately…

5. … photoshop.

I’m not sure if I even want to, really, but sometimes it would be kinda cool to be able to make crazy pictures like this chick-bunny – chinny?

6. … program computer.

What I mean is, I don’t know how to program cool computer things like games or webpages. For example I would love to know how to make a customised theme for my blog, because as much as I like the one I use now, I feel that it doesn’t really show who I am.

7. … make gifs.

I love gifs and I have no idea how people make them.

8. … understand people who like coconut water.

I’ve heard it’s the most amazing thing there is; delicious and healthy and all of those things. I tried it once and it was so disgusting I gagged. It could be that I tried a brand that just isn’t that good, but it was just so bad that I’m scared to even think about trying another brand.

9. … play ice hockey.

I’m not that good of a skater either, but with a stick in my hand I’m completely useless. I tried playing ice hockey on a playstation once as well and I was just as bad player as I am in real life.

10. … cut a straight line.

I make a lot of cards for different holidays and birthdays etc. I don’t have any fancy paper cutters, so I need to rely on my ability to use scissors. Thank heavens I know I to use scissors, but somehow I never cut anything straight.

That’s it!

What sort of thing you don’t know how to do? What things would you want to learn how to do the most?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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