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I’m not a cat person!

I’ve never described myself as a cat person. I’ve always been more into dogs and I’ve wanted a dog ever since I was a kid. With this being said; why on earth do I have two cats and zero dogs, and be happy about it?

About five years ago when my husband, who was still just a boyfriend back then, suggested we should get a cat. I was against it at first, but I caught myself looking at pictures of kittens more often than necessary. I slowly changed my mind and my transition from a dog person to a cat person had officially begun.


Our older cat, Alma, is almost five years old and she is adorable. She’s very sociable. Though she’s pretty timid around guests, she usually at least comes to say “hi”. She usually spends her time lying between me and the husband while we watch TV and demands attention from both of us in turn. She doesn’t eat fresh fish, but she enjoys spending time outside on our balcony. In fact she demands to be let outside to the balcony several times a day. She doesn’t speak much, but when the balcony calls her, she sits in front of the door and just meows.


Two years after we got Alma, we thought she might like a friend and we decided to get another cat. Bertta is a really tiny and cute little cat and she absolutely hates guests. She usually just hides and stays hidden whenever the doorbell rings. She loves fresh fish and she could probably even catch one if she wasn’t too scared to go outside. She loves to talk and we share long conversations about the events of the day or about the quality of her food. She’s very playful and never say no to a game of hide and seek. She usually wakes me up in the morning after my alarm goes off and every night when I go to sleep, she comes with me to get a good night’s scratch behind the ear.

I love both of our cats and would never change them for a dog, though I still wouldn’t describe myself as a cat person…

Alma and Bertta

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri

This post was brought to you by the daily prompt.


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