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Top 7 – IKEA

top-7I went to Ikea with my sister and my lovely cousin today. I love Ikea! There’s always something to buy and usually it’s cheap as well. My husband always forces me to hurry up through the store when we’re there to pick up something specific  That’s actually the only time my husband goes to Ikea with me, when there’s something specific to buy.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite Ikea proucts I’ve had or years and some that I just noticed today.

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#7: The Duktig series for kids

This series looks so much fun that it make me wish I was a kid again. It has everything a good kitchen needs from a stove to a microwave, and all the pots and pans, and plates and mugs and everything in between. For boys the series offers a toolkit and a workbench. I can’t wait to have kids of my own.


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#6: Blanda Blank bowl

I just never have enough bowls to serve snacks or salads when I have guests over. This bowl would look good on any occasion.

#5: Ribba picture shelve

I’ve been planning to buy these little shelves for ages, I’ve just never gotten around to yet. I would love to have pictures of family and friends up on the walls and using these shelves would be a fun way of doing so.

Picture from
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#4: Kasset boxes

These boxes come in four different sizes and various different colours. I like to store all of my craft supplies and sewing necessities in these boxes. I think I’ve stored all my Christmas decorations in these boxes as well. I just bought some more today for my ever growing pile of crafting articles.

#3: Pjätteryd paintings

There is a vast collection of the prettiest paintings in the Pjätteryd series. Serioulsy there’s something for everyone.

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Picture from
#2: Malm dresser

This is definitely my sister’s favourite dresser. I think she has four or five in different sizes and she’s panning to get some more. I think it’s a great dresser as well even though I own just two.

#1: Billy bookshelves 

I have tons of books and I need a place to store them. The Billy bookshelves are the perfect solution to store then and a bunch of my CD:s and DVD:s as well. I love the fact that they are very adjustable. Besides all the colour choises you could add doors and get extra shelves as well. I love it!

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What is your ikea-must-have? Is there a ikea product you weren’t that happy with?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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