Sunday News

News of the Week – 23rd Issue

Sunday News

Real-life Batman brings in a wanted man to a police station in Yorkshire, UK:

A masked man, later identified as Stan Worby, dressed in a grey Batman suit brought in a wanted criminal into a city center police station and told them: “ I’ve caught this one for you.” Batman really does exist and he lives in Yorkshire. READ MORE!

A blind dog gets a guide dog:

A six year-old terrier, Milo, has taken the role of a guide dog to his best buddy Eddie. Eddie got blinded quite suddenly and Milo has taken the role to guide him through playing fetch and running around woods voluntarily. Like how great is that!? READ MORE!

A woman left her husband for her pet rats:

Chantal Banks has 19 pet rats (which to me seems quite sick) and a son who refers to the rats as his “brothers and sisters” (even more sick). I’m not surprised the husband left; I would feel nauseous and leave my husband if my he’d let his pet rats (that he doesn’t, thank heavens, have) lick the tears off of his face. If you’re not sick to your stomach yet, READ MORE!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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