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Top 7 – If I ever switched jobs

top-7I like my work a lot! Even though I might be able to do something that pays more and doesn’t require me waking up at 5.00 AM, I enjoy going to work every day. Of, however, I had the opportunity to try any other profession, these are the seven I would be willing to try.

#7: Zoo-keeper

Who wouldn’t want the chance to feed baby tigers and scratch a giraffe behind its ear? Who wouldn’t want to clean the cages and find elephant poo under bushes? I’d sure like to try it out!

#6: Hotel receptionist

I’d like to try being a hotel receptionist because I think I’d be damn good at it! In this occupation my constant smiling wouldn’t go to waste.

#5: Radio host

I could do the morning show and be either loved or hated for being annoyingly lively and happy every morning.

#4: English Teacher

This used to be my dream job actually. I wanted to become an English teacher because all the English teachers I ever had weren’t as good as I though they should be and they had this annoying Finnish accent when they spoke. I might be a little too demanding as a teacher for a foreign language, but even though I’d probably be hated by all the students, I’d sure like to try it out.

#3: Librarian

Books books books. More and more books. I would love this job!

#2: Life coach

Sometimes I think I need a life coach to motivate me to do the things I want to do. Sometimes it’s just hard to motivate yourself alone. I’d like to try to be that awesome person who helps other people to follow their dreams.

#1: Psychologist

I think the human mind is just amazing and I find the versatile ways we think extremely fascinating. A great psychologist can help others feeling a lot better and I’d like to be that person.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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