Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop – I know how to…

Because I was out of town, I missed the writer’s workshop prompt last week, but now I’m back on it!

The Prompts:

1.) Describe the last argument you had or witnessed.
2.) Tell us about a “character” in your town or neighborhood who left an impression on you. (inspired by Go Dansker Mom)
3.) If I gave you $500 today, but you could use it for only one purchase, what would you buy and why?
4.) Thursday, March 7th is National Cereal Day…write about your favorite cereal when you were a child. How has it changed?
5.) List 10 random things you know how to do.

5.) List 10 random things you know how to do.

I might know how to do a lot of things, but these are the first ten things that popped in my mind and they are the ones I’ll share.

I know how to…
1. … loosen up.

I’m not afraid to goof around and be all silly when I’m hanging out with my friends. I’m actually OK being silly around people I don’t necessarily know that well too. I think that if they don’t like me the way I am, they should just loosen up! I’m better off without them.

2. … not drink enough water.

It’s simple, I just don’t drink water that much. Easy thing to do. I’ve never really liked the taste of water and I’ve never learned how to drink enough. Now that I’m older I realise I actually need to drink a lot more to feel better.

3. … kill plants.

I guess this goes hand in hand with my desire for water. I don’t give enough water to my plants either. Or I give too much and they drown. I’m lucky to have a husband who is great with plants. Sad thing, that our cats like to eat them so the plants usually don’t survive anyway.

4. … make people smile.

I like to think that I’m funny. When I was younger I used to tell made up stories to my sister and she laughed her bum off. But the most effective ability to make people smile is my laughter. When I start laughing and can’t stop, people will smile!

5. … crochet.

I haven’t crocheted in ages, but I’m sure I still could. And maybe I should. That would sure make my mom happy!

6. … set up electronics.

I don’t need a man to get a new TV up or to set up a new DVD-player. I can do it all by myself. Sure, my husband usually does these things around the house, but as a teenager I used to be the handy(wo)man around the house.

7. … cook.

I know most people can cook and I’m sure most people cook better than me, but can cook in any case. 🙂

8. … put together IKEA furniture.

I’ve put together so many Billy bookshelves I’m sure I could do one in my sleep. Whenever we buy something from IKEA, it’s actually my duty to get it up. My dear husband just sits on the couch and smiles whenever I hit my thumb with the hammer.

9. … sing off key.

I love singing and truly feel bad for the people who ever has to hear me sing. I sing loud and proud, but unfortunately usually way off key.

10. … drive a car and a motorbike.

This is a rather new talent for me. I got my driver’s licence just two years ago, but as I started my driving school I decided I was gonna hit two birds with one stone and get a license to drive a motorbike as well. My mom wasn’t happy about that.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – I know how to…

  1. I know how to kill plants very well. I’m also very good at turning them into mutants that should not be allowed to exist on this Earth. It’s a talent, really.

  2. Kudos on putting together IKEA furniture. I nearly always put a leg or shelf on backwards/upside down. I think maybe THAT’S my special talent: messing up step by step furniture assembly.

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