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Give me a smile!

A customer once told me that I have a beautiful smile, but my eyes remain cold and mean while I smile. I worked as a cashier in a grocery store at the time and I’m pretty sure I had had a bad day, but that comment is still poking it’s mean little head in my memories, every now and then.

I’ve told you countless times in my previous blogs that I smile a lot. I hope my eyes has learned their lesson and now smile along with the mouth. 🙂

The weekly writing challenge wants me to share a photo of me smiling a genuine smile. Not the tense posing-for-a-picture smile, but truly a real smile with a little tinkle in the eye. To make a writing challenge I’m also supposed to share what has made me smile so happy.

I couldn’t find too many pictures of me smiling, other than the once where I pose for the camera and the smile is usually forced. I did however find a couple of photos that were taken unnoticed and in those I’m smiling my face off.

BirthdayI was celebrating my 26th birthday with my friends in 2008. I threw a party with 1982-theme (my year of birth), which is why I was dressed in bright disco colours. This picture was taken at a bar later that night.

I have no recollection of what I was laughing at or about. I think a friend of mine was just telling a story and I thought it was funny. What I do remember of that night is me yelling at the ladies toilet: “I’m not old yet! I’m still young!”, I’m not too proud of that, but I had had a few drinks.

This other picture was taken in Sweden a few years ago when me and my sister were visiting our cousins in Trollhättan. They introduced us to some their friends and we had a lot of fun together. One of my cousins was making the craziest poses whenever someone grabbed a camera yelling “Facebook” at the same time, indicating it would be the greatest picture to put up on Facebook. Some of the pictures actually did end up there, as did this one.


It’s a picture of me and a friend of my cousins. I’m pretty sure we were laughing at my cousin making yet another mental pose. This picture makes me smile whenever I see it. I think it’s full of happy thoughts.

Hope this post made you smile even just little bit. And hopefully someone snapped a picture of it. If you didn’t, I understand; Smiling is hard!

The daily post at wordpress.com has declared March to be Phoneography Month, so if you’re into blogging and taking pictures with your phone you might want to check it out.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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