Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Favorite music

top-7I listen to some music every now and then. I’m actually not the sort of person who has to have music playing in the background all the time. I use to think I was, and I was a bit surprised when I realised I actually enjoy the quietness quite a lot.

Anyway, whenever I listen to music I usually like it no matter what genre it is. I’m not that into reggae or techno, but the rest I’ll enjoy listening to. This is a list of my favorite bands and artists at the moment.

#7: Kelly Clarkson

– I’ve liked her music ever since she won the American Idol so long ago. I think her music has gotten even better over the years.

#6: Maroon 5

– I’ve kinda liked them forever, but I fell in love with them after seeing them perform live a bit over a year ago. They were amazing!

#5: Walk off the Earth

– They came from YouTube but I think most people know them by now. They are a group of amazingly talented people.

#4: Adele

– I’m sure you’ll agree with me on her being one of the most talented singers of our time. She makes good music too. And she’s so beautiful!

#3: Take That

– I’ve liked Take That from the moment my sister started to like them. I’m so happy they are still making music.

#2: Bon Jovi

– I’ve liked them since I was about thirteen years old. They’ll be coming to Finland next May and I can’t wait to go see them again. Music is best when it’s live!

#1: Robbie Williams

– I like Robbie as a solo artist more than I like Take That. He’s my favorite singer of all time and I have a feeling he could be my favorite till the end of time.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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