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Best and Worst of the Oscars 2013

The biggest movie event of the year has once again come and gone. I usually love the show and this year was no exception. I think I have hardly any negative things to say, which just goes to show that I love everything!

If your here for the negativity, I have listed the worst things at the bottom, but be warned; the list is very short!

The Host

I think Seth MacFarlane did great! I’ve read some online articles that say he was rude, sexist and lame. But wasn’t that the point all along, or maybe you’re just unfamiliar with his TV-shows Family Guy and American Dad. They could be described as rude and sexist too. Some people might even say the shows are lame, but maybe they just don’t share the same sense of humour.

Why don’t we turn it the other way around; What if he hadn’t performed that sexist song about how many boobs we’ve seen or told the crude joke on how Django Unchained is like a date night for Rihanna and Chris Brown or any other of the controversial jokes that the press so much hates? What would the headlines say today?

“Seth MacFarlane sold his soul to Hollywood, no jokes about boobs at the Oscars!” “What happened to Seth MacFarlane, he wasn’t being himself as the host of the Oscars!” “Worst Oscar host ever, Seth MacFarlane wasn’t sincere.”

I’m pretty sure he would have gotten negative feedback anyway, but this time for not acting out as expected. I love his sense of humour and I’m also kind of into boobs as well. 😉

The Awards

I agree with most of the winners chosen by the Academy. I gave my predictions last Sunday morning. I saw Les Miserables and Argo after posting and actually changed my mind on a couple of the categories, but I was too busy to officially change my predictions.

Anne Hathaway and Christoph Waltz were my picks too as the winners for the supporting roles and even though I didn’t see Lincoln I think Daniel Day Lewis deserved the Oscar for the male leading role.

Though I love Jennifer Lawrence to bits and definitely think she’s worthy of her Oscar, I would have rather given it to Emmanuelle Riva because she was absolutely magnificent in Amour and I can’t imagine many other who could do the same.

I predicted that Life of Pi would win the Oscar for best picture but after I saw Argo right before the red carpet events started, I wasn’t sad at all that it won the Oscar for the best picture.

The Show

I was so happy to hear so much music by such great artists. There should be more music in the world anyway.

The Best Dresses

I think most of the beautiful stars had chosen great dresses for themselves and I had quite a hard time choosing my favorites. I loved Halle Berry’s Bond-girl look and Jennifer Garner looked amazing in her Gucci dress.

My favorite dresses were worn by my favorite actresses at the moment; Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence.

The Worst Dresses

If I had a hard time choosing the best dresses out of all the beautiful dresses I also had a found it pretty hard t find the worst. I was a little disappointed on Anne Hathaway’s dress. I think it was a boring mess. But the worst dress worn at the Oscars this year was Brandi Glanville’s. Besides the dress being hiedous I was waiting for her boobs to fall out every time she appeared on screen.

All in all, I didn’t find many bad things about the Oscars this year. Did you watch the show? Do you think Seth MacFarlane did good? Did your favourite win?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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