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Suvi Koponen – The Model

The daily prompt today urges everyone to share a memory or a story of a time when someone was proud of you. I can’t exactly remember a certain time when someone was proud of me, but I’m sure it would be my mom in any case. She’s constantly proud of me somehow, I’m sure.

Instead I’m going to cheat a bit and turn this prompt other way around and tell you who I’m really proud of at the moment.

Suvi Koponen

Suvi Koponen is a Finnish model who won the 2005 Mallikoulu (comparative to America’s Next Top Model) contest in Finland. She was only seventeen at the time but pretty soon after winning the competition she pursued a career in Europe.

She’s gained fame ever since and it was brought to my attention today that she is the female face of Calvin Klein’s 2013 Provocations-campaign alongside Alexander Skarsgård, which is kind of amazing. I wouldn’t mind being Suvi in these commercials:

She is also number nine on the top 50 list of female models on models.com. I strongly believe she will get even more attention in the future. Finnish models don’t get this kind of attention often and I’m very proud of this beautiful smart girl and wish all the best for her in the future.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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