Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Sweet tooth

top-7I’m constantly craving for something sweet. At least it seems that way. If someone offers me candy or a piece of cake, I will not refuse. I’ve been trying to eat healthier food lately and I’ve not had too many sweets for a while. Today’s top seven is the desserts and sweet things I’m craving for the most at the moment.

#7: Chocolate Truffles

– I love them! I once made chocolate truffles myself and they turned out pretty good, but they weren’t as good as they good be.

#6: Cupcakes

– It’s a mini cake! It has to be good! They’re so pretty too.

#5: Loose Candy

– Loose candy is the best, especially when you can mix it yourself.

#4: Cheesecake

– I think I’ve never had a bad cheesecake.

#3: Tiramisu

– Right now I dream of a trip a to Italy and a piece of authentic tiramisu.

#2: Ice Cream

– Ice cream is always a sure choice. My favorite flavours are chocolate and pistachio.

#1: Chocolate Pralines

– Or any chocolate really. Maybe I’ll make myself a hot chocolate. This sweet talking wasn’t a very good idea; It didn’t help my cravings in any way.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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