Sunday News

News of the Week – 19th Issue

Sunday NewsWomen in Paris are finally allowed to wear trousers:

A 200-year-old law forbidding women to wear trousers in Paris has finally been revoked. The law required women to ask police for special permission to “dress as men” in Paris, or risk being taken into custody. Last Thursday Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, France’s minister of women’s rights, made it officially impossible to arrest a woman for wearing trousers in the French capital. READ MORE!

Car was left stranded in the middle of a car par in Edinburgh:

A Mercedes was left stranded at Waverley car park in Edinburgh on Thursday night. Workers had blocked off an area and they were surprised to find a car standing there when they got to work on Friday morning. The workers decided to start working on the rest of the area and build a ramp for the car to get it out undamaged. READ MORE!

Pictures of the stranded Mercedes are all over the Internet.
Brazilian woman tried to poison her husband with her vagina:

A Brazilian woman had asked for a divorce, which the husband had denied, so she covered her vagina with poison in order to kill her husband. The husband was going for the daring cunnilingus when he noticed an unusual odour coming from her private parts and thought she might be sick and suggested her to go to a hospital. READ MORE!

Bikers block a freeway for a proposal:

A large pack of bikers caused traffic to come to a halt on the I-10 freeway near West Covina, California, so a member could propose to his girlfriend. She said yes, but the happy couple could face criminal charges. READ MORE!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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