Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Foods I don’t like

top-7I love to eat and I like the taste of most foods. I barely gathered together this list of seven food items I don’t like. They just don’t taste that good.

#7: Omelette – This is on the list because I really couldn’t think of a food that I don’t like. Omelettes aren’t my favorites. I’d rather have my eggs fried or boiled.

#6: Capers – You can trick me into eating capers if you put them into something delicious and I don’t see them, but if I actually see one, I’ll pick all them out.

#5: Dried fruits – Dried strawberries and raisins are OK, but most of the rest are just not too good. They taste like a wall.

#4: Piimä, Buttermilk – Not my thing at all. Just thinking about drinking buttermilk makes me gag.

#3: Peasoup – I’ve never liked it and I doubt I ever will. I’m willing to prove myself wrong of course if someone can make it good and delicious.

#2: Goji berries – I know they’re supposed to be healthy and some sort super food, but I refuse to but something that tastes so bad in my mouth.

#1: Dolma, Wine leaf rolls – I bought these once thinking I would certainly like them and I was so disappointed when I couldn’t even finish one of them.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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