Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop – Laugh vs Laugh

This week has been super busy for some reason. I feel like I’ve had tons of things o do, but can’t name even one of them. I’ve also been extremely bored, because three of my four closest co-workers has been away from work this week. They are either sick or on vacation and things at work have been extremely dull.

I owe a big thank you to Mama Kat for giving such great prompt for writer’s workshop this week. I’m not sure what kind of tired and spiritless things I would have written today.

The Prompts:

1.) What are you reading?
2.) Dear Men, (an open letter…offer a word of advice, an issue you’d like to address, or a solution to a problem for the opposite sex).
3.) Show us your kitchen!
4.) Tell us about a time you were grounded…what did you do?
5.) What made you laugh this week?

#5) What made you laugh this week?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t laughed as much this week as I usually laugh. My co-workers are hilarious and I miss laughing with them. I’m happy tomorrow is Friday and soon it’ll be next week and I can fix my laughter deprivation.

Something did make me laugh this week though. I watched a video, (Teens react to PrankvsPrank), by TheFineBros, which led me to watch videos on the PrankvsPrank channel.

The channel is hosted by a couple, Jesse and Jeana, and they basically prank each other a lot. They are funny!

What made you laugh this week?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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