Memory Lane

Trip down a memory lane – Two

I was rummaging through a drawer trying to find something when I suddenly found the diary I shamefully put away two weeks ago. I continued reading it and trust me; it didn’t get any better. I was still a naive and gullible little girl, who had no cares for the future.

DiaryIn the previous post I mentioned about my crush for Tero who had touched my hand in our history class. Even after a whole year I still liked Tero a lot, but now he had competition – I had decided I liked Markku and Tom as well, but at the end of the day, Tero was still the best. However, I assume I had gotten over Janne (the doll), because I don’t mention him again ever.

Some of the stories I’ve written in the diary are pretty mundane, like how I cleaned my room today or how I’m once again late doing homework, but still find writing my diary more important, but mostly I wrote about all the boys I liked.

At some point I had developed a crush on Taylor Hanson. Yes, I liked Hanson and Taylor was the cutest. I had one worry though; He was younger than me and I thought that might be a problem, but not too big to overcome. 🙂

So no, the fact that he lived on the other side of the world wasn’t a problem. Or the fact that he was famous and absolutely didn’t and I believe still doesn’t know that I exist, wouldn’t be a problem either. Yes, the fact that he was six months younger than me could be something I should really think about before doing any drastic decisions. 😀

I wasn’t an active diary writer back then which means the diary isn’t exactly consistent, and I mention a lot of things that aren’t exactly related to anything. I’m pretty much reading the diary and scratching my head trying to remember what had happened in between.

One story that isn’t in the diary I do remember very vividly, though I doubt I would have remembered it without mentioning a school field trip to Sweden on the 8th grade.

We traveled by a cruise ship from Turku, Finland, to Stockholm, Sweden, where we spent one night in a hotel and then traveled back by a cruise ship again. While there we went to a couple of museums and activated our Swedish language skills.

On the ship I shared a cabin with two other girls and Tero. I was naturally excited about this. He was to be the one and only someday, after all. He was the odd boy out and was cheeky enough to share a cabin with three girls. I had no objections.

Tero was a bit of a show off and he was showing some fire tricks to all the girls and entertaining us with success. Something went wrong though and he ended up burning his fingertips on his hand (I can’t remember which one). This was lucky for me, because now I was given the opportunity to take care of him. I was so excited.

On this very same trip I tried smoking for the first time. And after coming home I was tricked by my mother to tell her all about it. My mom waited for an extra day after I had come back and asked one more time if there was still something I wanted to tell her about the trip. I started crying because I was sure my mom had somehow found out about me smoking, so I spilled the beans and told her everything. She was in shock! I had always been the good girl and now I do this.

I ended up starting to smoke about two years later and got caught several times, but didn’t really care about my mom’s opinions anymore. I smoked for about seven years and finally quit 6 years and 11 months ago. Good for me!

That’s all the memories I got for now. I better save some for later.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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