Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Lists

top-7I’ve been stuck on the almost while day. To get you stuck as well I’ll give you seven of the weirdest, funniest or the craziest lists I’ve found today.

#7: 10 Everyday habits that might be killing you – Such as smiling and breathing indoors.

#6: 10 Absurd emergency calls – Like a train wreck that wasn’t exactly what was expected.

#5: 10 Household appliances with surprising alternative uses You can warm towels in a rice cooker and make frozen margaritas with and ice cream machine.

#4: 10 Hangover cures from around the world – The Sicilians apparently believe in dried bull penis.

#3: 10 Absurd laws around the world – In California animals are prohibited from publicly mating with each other within 1,500 feet of any tavern, school or church.

#2: 10 Excuses people use to hate America – Just to clarify; I don’t hate America, (you can’t hate a country you’ve never visited), but there are a few reasons on the list I could use as an excuse, but I wont!

#1: 10 Ridiculous reasons people were fired – Blogging or writing in all caps could get you fired.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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