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Broadening my horizons – Take two!

About two months ago the weekly writing challenge inspired me to broaden my horizons my exploring the blogging community. The prompt of the week was to find five blogs I’ve never read before that I find interesting and comment on one of their posts.

It was a frustrating task, but I found it so inspiring that I knew I wanted to do it again and today I did it. Maybe I’ll even make it a habit.

The second time around the challenge was a little bit easier. I also believe I’ve grown a bit as a blogger as well, which is why the task probably wasn’t so overwhelming. Last time I found five great blogs and I did just that this time around as well.

Honest Toddler on Facebook

The first blog I came around to was the Honest Toddler that, among other things, gives hints for toddlers on how to skive off napping and how to get kicked out of preschool. It’s a funny blog that made me laugh out loud. If you have a toddler of your own (or not) you’ll love this blog!

I’m really into humorous, funny and a little geeky blogs, and the one of the blogs I found along the way is pretty much all that. Peas and Cougars consists of funny cartoons and amusing fairy tales.

Peas and Cougars

After some time I found a blog called  A Dash of Cinema and immediately thought of my best friend, who loves movies and is passionate about cooking (and vice versa). This blog is mixing movies and cooking, can’t there be anything better! And because I have a mighty demanding sweet tooth, this recipe for home made marshmallows made me “oooh!”.

Home Made Marshmallows

At some point I saw a blog written by three twenty-something writers from Texas. Their blog A Confederacy of Spinsters had an interesting post about kids’ parents who allow their kids to play video games versus parents who doesn’t. Sometimes it’s cool that your parents were lame and forced you to go outside every once in a while.

Shadoza: In My World

The last post I decided to comment on is called Shadoza: In My World. I found her post about how some people blame the fast food restaurants or the snack manufacturers for the bad eating habits of children, though parents are to blame in most cases, really interesting. McDonalds isn’t a flavor.

This writing challenge was at least twice as fun as the first time and I recommend you do it too!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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