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Starting Over

In this world where material possessions mostly rule how we cope and who we are, what if you just gave up on all of your material possessions. All that you’d still have would be your home and your job, but no clothes on your back, not even shoes. If you’d be allowed to get one thing back every day, what would you get first? Coat? Frying pan? Tooth brush?

I read a news article yesterday about a Finnish documentary director who did just that. He was in a point in his life where he had to choose between getting a bigger place to live to fit all his earthly possessions in or give up on something. He couldn’t decide what to give up on, so he gave up on everything and started his life over.

And of course made a documentary.

He was allowed to get one thing back every day for a year. He started the project on the first of January 2011, so the first thing he took back was his coat, but he went on without sock for longer than his friends thought was suitable. He still went to work normally and ate in restaurants at first, because he chose something over a kettle or a pan, so he couldn’t cook food.

At the end of the article was a questionnaire for the readers, asking to choose ten things I would want to get back during the first ten days. I answered it, but it took me a while. I decided I could easily go without a phone for more than ten days, but I would definitely need my tooth brush and hair brush as soon as possible, though those two things were numbers 6 and 10, so not even top priority.

Right now I really want to start this post over, but I wont. I decided to try something new inspired by the weekly writing challenge and I’m giving a try for free writing. The point of free writing according to wikipedia (I checked before I started to write) is to just write whatever comes to your mind during a specific time frame, not caring about grammar or spelling. I must say that I absolutely hate to write this way and will probably never do it again. I feel my thoughts aren’t organised enough.

The writing challenge was otherwise pretty spot on, because I have been thinking about starting over quite a bit lately. Not me specifically, I’m very happy where I am at the moment, but for some reason, it feels that most of my closest friends are not, and there are more than two of them. Most of them want or need something new to their lives and I want to encourage them to do it. It’s all about taking that leap of fate and giving up the thing that makes you miserable, though it’s definitely not easy.

Now my mind is racing and I can’t catch it anymore, good thing my thirty minutes is up! Oh well, I’ll either end up hating this post from the bottom of my heart or if my luck is in it’ll be the most read post ever and I’ll be forced to love it.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


3 thoughts on “Starting Over

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. Though perhaps it makes even too much sense being a free writing post, that maybe it won’t be considered to be free writing. Hmm… I am a pretty organized person, maybe my mind is just simply organized too.

  1. I like the concept of asking for something back and then trying to decide what is more essential for daily functioning or personal preference.

    I am very impressed that this post was done as free writing.

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