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Top 7 – The Oscars 2013

top-7I’ve always been excited about the Oscars, though my taste in movies can be questionable, and I might not always be on the same page with most movie experts. I’m still allowed to like what I like, right?

My best friend invites friends over every year to watch the Academy Awards gala live on TV. Note that I do live in Finland, so we watch in the middle of the night (approximately from 3am forward). From all the friends attending this event, I’m usually the one who has not seen most of the movies that are nominated and sometimes I feel quite foolish around the movie enthusiasts I’m surrounded by.

But this year I’m right on track and determined to be wiser than last year. I’m planning to go and see all (or most) of the movies that are nominated for Best Picture. That way I can at least be somewhat part of the conversation and feel better about myself. Though I’m not too worried if I don’t go and see the movies, I know my friends still love me, even if I’m a little simple sometimes.

The nominees for Best Picture are:
#9: Amour
#8: Life of Pi
#7: Argo
#6: Lincoln
#5: Beasts of the Southern Wild
#4: Silver Linings Playbook
#3: Django Unchained
#2: Zero Dark Thirty
#1: Les Miserables

SURPRISE! It’s actually top 9!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri



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