Memory Lane

Trip down a memory lane – One

My dad’s 60th birthday is coming up, and we’re planning a surprise, involving memories, for our dad with my sister. I’m not gonna reveal what exactly we’re doing, even though our dad doesn’t read my blog, so we’re safe. But because I’ve been thinking about memories, I felt like reminiscing myself. I took a trip down to the storage room and went through my box of memories.

The dollsThe first thing I found inside the box was these two dolls I made when I was about twelve or thirteen years old. The dolls have initials on their shirts, first name initial on the front and the last name initial on the back. The other, of course, represents me and the other, you probably guessed it, is my early teenage crush and the love of my life.


He probably hardly knew who I was. He was two years older than me, and at that age two years is like two decades. But he was just so cute! I remember that I used follow him around the school yard giggling with a friend of mine during the recess, every recess.

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure he knew who I was – I was the little girl who followed him everywhere he went. My goodness, how embarrassing!

Oh boy!

I love this little box of memories I have gathered. There’s stuff I didn’t even remember I had, but seeing and feeling the things in my fingers, they bring back so many memories.

DiaryThe last thing on the bottom of the box was my diary. I started this diary on November 7th 1996, I was fourteen years old and I guess I had gotten over my first true love (the doll), because by now I was in love again.

The first entry goes something like this:

Yello! Today was kinda cool day. We switched groups in home-ec and I was now in the same group with Krista, Maria, Laura and Toni.

Then there’s some blaah blaah blaah about a picture I found, but after that the most exciting stuff begins.

Tero is like so lovely, he touched my hand today during our history class, and he was actually for real going to eat my mickey mouse pencil case, like, he like took a bite and said it tasted bad. Tero likes Metallica by the way, he has their cd. Laura has become like so boring with a capital B. All she does is run after Ville and he’s like younger than us, I have the decency to like boys my own age or older, like Janne (the doll) or Nick (I can only assume I was referring to Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys) after all.

Yep. I was so mature liking boys my age and not running after them like boring Laura. Running after boys during recess is so stupid. Yep, the doll-incidence happened only about a year earlier. Every recess! I’m still laughing at myself, so feel free to laugh at me, with me.

I was so, so , SO naive!

Jared Leto

In the same diary entry I mention how I don’t like Janne (the doll) anymore, even though he is still good looking.  Instead I now like the more mature guys like Jordan Catalano of My So Called Life, played by Jared Leto, because he’s like so cute and all.

Ahh.. Memories…

The worst thing about this diary entry is my horrible grammar. I probably just didn’t know what punctuation was. I had no points at the end of sentences, and of course not a single comma. I had, thank goodness, used capital letters when mentioning someone by name. And the way I jumped from one thing to another; Liking Tero like so much and all of sudden saying how boring Laura has become. It really hurt the feelings of the grammar-police inside of me to read this diary.

Do you remember who you had a crush on when your were in your early teens? What did you write in your diary back then? Would you dare to share your teenage secrets?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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