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Surprise late-night “burger”

I’m about to give you a recipe for a surprise late-night “burger”. What makes it a surprise, you might ask. Well, I was surprised by the enthusiasm my husband had when he decided to make a couple of burgers for us. Another surprise was the ingredients we used. We didn’t have the exactly correct ingredients, so we had to improvise a little. The reason the burger is inside quotations marks is because it’s not exactly a burger. It’s more like a sandwich…

We didn’t have any hamburger rolls, so we used the breakfast bread I bought yesterday. (The bread is actually called the breakfast bread because it’s got lots of seeds and dried fruit in it.) We also didn’t have mayo which is why we used creme fraiche instead. The burgers were delicious, even though our ingredients weren’t what they normally should be.

Surprise late-night burger

Surprise late-night “burger”


bread or a hamburger roll
minced beef (make a patty and fry it on a pan)
egg (fry it on a pan as well)
onion (fry the onion on a pan)
mayo and/or ketchup
pickled cucumber
salt and black pepper

Stack the ingredients on a slice of bread and top it all with another slice. Serve with fries from the freezer or make them yourself.

Keri’s Fries:

potatoes (3-4)
carrots (2-3)
vegetable oil
cayenne pepper
black pepper

Slice the potatoes and carrots, put them in a bowl or a small plastic bag. Add spices and mix. Put them in the oven in 225°C (435°F) for 20-30 minutes.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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