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Why do we Tweet – Quick Guide to Twitter


Twitter is a micro blogging platform where you can share snippets of your life and thoughts. You send out tweets that consist of 140 characters or less, which can include @Mentions to other users, hashtags, external links, or simply regular text. But why would you want to join the Twitter community, when you have so many things to say and 140 characters just isn’t enough.

I love reading blogs and most of the time I want to follow or subscribe to them as well, but in most cases you either have to follow the blog through email notification or you have to register and sign in to able to add the blog to your feed. I don’t necessarily want to receive more emails than I really have to and I’ve registered to about a trillion different places, and enough is enough!

I understand that everyone who loves to read blogs, don’t automatically blog themselves. This means, they aren’t registered to wordpress, so they would have to subscribe to the email notification. Fair warning is in place; I do blog every single day and you would get an email from my blog every single day as well. I want to give my readers an alternate way to follow my blog.

That is why I share my blog posts on Twitter (and Facebook and Tumblr) so that you as a reader can have choice. WordPress is cool enough to add all of my Twitter followers as followers to my blog as well and that warms my little heart. So if you’d rather get a notification of a new post through Twitter, please follow me, and you might get a little extra something as well.

In case you think my blog isn’t interesting enough to be worth of you following it (which of course isn’t possible. Right…? 😉 ) there are other reasons why to use Twitter as well. You can share your love and kind words like Rarasaur or share jokes and fun facts like the Comedy Jokes, or you could just simply follow them and receive all the love and fun they want to offer. You don’t necessarily have to tweet, ever!

Also celebrities, you can follow them and get an inside scoop on things. It’s a lot of fun!


Yeah, I know, with all the #hashtags and @signs, it could get a bit confusing. The main idea after all is to give a short notice of things you are doing/going to do/love/hate/love to hate. You can tweet whatever you want as long as it’s 140 characters or less. It is a micro blogging site after all.

Twitter guide
Click to enlarge to a new window

To compose a tweet just write what you have to say in the box indicated by the green arrow. An automatic counter will appear and count down how many characters you have left. Mind that all the links, @mentions and #hashtags count as characters.

Use the @-sign when you want to send a tweet to a felllow tweeter. Just type in @ and your friend’s twitter-username, @Keri_Tweets, and it’ll show up on your friend’s twitter feed. This is a public message, so tweet things you are willing the world to see. The @mention will show on your feed as indicated by the blue arrows.

Hashtags are handy when you want to be able to find certain types of tweets easily, or you want to take part in so called hashtag project. I created the #describeyourdayinsixwords at the beginning of the year, so I could easily find all the tweets related to my “describe your day in six words” diary. You could find a could use for hashtags if you wanted to host a reading or a movie marathon, and ask all the part-takers to post their progress using a specific hashtag. The hashtags would show on your feed like shown with the red arrows.

You can retweet a tweet you think is funny, important or otherwise just great. Just hover your mouse over the tweet and options for replying, to retweet and to favorite will magically appear (see picture below). Just click retweet and the tweet will show on your feed. The indication that it’s actually a retweet will show as in the black box in the big picture above.


Excited yet?

This is just a quick guide and I went through the basics with the knowledge I have learned though try and error. If you wish to have a more in-depth guide to twitter I suggest to take a look at the guide over at Wikihow.

If you have more hints and knowledge on how to use twitter and you’ve perhaps even blogged about it, please leave links below to your blogs! I have a ton of friends who might want to use twitter but don’t know why or how. I’m sure they would appreciate all the hints, tips and guides there is. Even I would want to know how you utilize twitter.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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