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Top 7 – Things on Your Bucket List?


The new year has begun and everyone has made their new year’s resolutions and are now anxiously waiting for the time when their family and friends forget what they agreed to do, so they can forget the resolutions as well.

Hopefully not.

The people who don’t believe in resolutions are probably doing other stuff, like creating a bucket list for the year, or for the rest of their lives, or somewhere in between. If you’re having trouble thinking on things to put on your bucket list, here are my seven suggestions:

#7: Write a song – You don’t have to be a musician to do this. Anyone can write lyrics, it’s the composing the music that’s tricky.

#6: Learn to speak another language fluently I would like to learn French myself, but I still lack the kick in the butt, that would encourage me to do it.

#5: Be an extra in a film – This is possible anywhere where someone makes movies. You could always choose to travel to Hollywood and maybe strike two things from your bucket list with one go.

#4: Learn how to complain effectively – I work in customer service and sometimes the customers complain. A lot. The better they are at it the better I’m willing to serve them. If they just scream at my face, I scream back at them inside. Complaining effectively could be a handy skill to have.

#3: Use one of Barney Stinson’s pick-up lines – I know this might work only if you’re a guy, but as a smart woman you could find a way to make a use of them. At least you can always ask a little help from your friends and ask them to do the “Have you met [insert your name here]?”.

#2: Take part in festivities abroad – You might want to attend the Oktoberfest in Germany, La Tomatina in Spain, Burning Man in the United States or Wife carrying world championships in Finland. There is something happening all around the world for sure! Just pick your favorite and book your flight!

#1:  Accept yourself for who you are – Learn to love yourself and choose happiness!

These are my suggestions. I don’t have a bucket list, but I think I would put a few of these on the list if I ever made one. What’s on your bucket list?

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


2 thoughts on “Top 7 – Things on Your Bucket List?

  1. I don’t have that on my bucket list, but I’m actively trying to be happy everyday. I’m on a mission to get rid of all the things that make me miserable. And I guess you’re the one inspiring me to do that, so thanks.

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