Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop – I’m doing it!

The new year is well on its way and I’ve had just OK time so far. My throat has been hurting since the first morning of the year, but other-wise I feel fine. I started my “describe your day in six words” diary on my Twitter and failed to post as soon as on the second day. I corrected this error first thing today!

My new year is off to a great start, eh? To help me cope with the rest of the year, with my huge commitment to deliver a daily blog for the entire year and all, I’m gonna take part in the weekly Writer’s Workshop hosted my Mama Kat at Mama Kat’s Losing it.

From this day forward, on every Thursday I will write whatever the workshop asks me to. This will give me new inspiration to write and it also offers a great opportunity for me to find other exciting blogs, and for others to find mine.

Mama Kat gives you five prompts every week and you get to choose one of them and then write about it. Simple as that!


The Prompts:

1.) Instead of a resolution, some people choose a theme word to live by for the year. Choose a word for 2013 and tell us why you chose it. ( I like how Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode had hers come full circle this year.)
2.) Share any blogging tips you picked up in 2012.
3.) Do you “favorite” tweets you love? Share your favorite tweets from 2012. (inspired by Big A Little a)
4.) Resolutions. Love’em? Hate’em? Tell us why. Make one?  Talk about your resolutions or goals for 2013.
5.) Share your top 10 favorite quotes from your kids in 2012. (inspired by The Momalog)

#4) Resolutions – Love’em? Hate’em? Can’t live without’em?

When I was younger I never made any resolutions for the new year, because I usually always failed at maintaining them and then felt bad about myself. I’ve analysed this later in life and I blame the choice of words. In Finnish we call the “new year’s resolution” “uuden vuoden lupaus” which translates as “new year’s promise”.

Promises are a risky business. My cousin promised her sister she wouldn’t tell anyone about her pregnancy, but my cousin told me anyway. And I promised I wouldn’t tell my sister, but I did it anyway, still with no harm done. I’m really good at keeping promises when it really matters, and I would describe myself trustworthy, but a promise I give to myself is doomed to be broken.

Resolutions on the other hand are basically just decisions you make and dedicate yourself to accomplish. I like that much better! I’m quite comfortable making resolutions and usually pull through whatever I resolve. I could say that nowadays I fancy new year’s resolutions and gladly make a bunch.

I wrote a post last Friday stating my resolutions for this year. Read them here! I usually make a few for my personal life and always make one for work as well. At work I always try my best to maintain the previous resolutions as well as the new one every year.

I’m excited to see what I’ll do with my resolutions! I have a good feeling about this year though, maybe it’ll all turn out for the best.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – I’m doing it!

  1. Nice I like that!! I don’t do resolutions either but I am trying to make and set goals year round makes me feel less pressure at the beginning of a new year!!

  2. Love that your participating! I have to say keeping up the workshop requires me to be consistent too! I think that’s why I love it so much,. 🙂

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