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Top 7 – New Year’s Resolutions


The year is about to change and it’s time to make new year’s resolutions. Here’s a list of mine! They are in no particular order.

#7: Choose Happiness – Yesterday I told everyone to choose happiness and stay positive. I’m gonna do this every day of the whole year!

#6: Complete 50/50 Challenge – I started this challenge a year ago and failed to read the required 50 books. This year I’m going to give it another go. What is a 50/50 challenge, you ask? It’s a challenge where you read 50 books and watch 50 movies in a year.

#5: Exercise – I’m planning to do some sort of exercise three times a week. If all hell breaks loose and nothing’s going the way it should, I’m still going to force myself to exercise at least once a week.

#4: Eat Healthy – I’ve started this project already and my goal is to maintain it throughout the whole year.

#3: Lose Weight for Good – I don’t believe in magic diets, so in order to lose weight for good I’m going to pay special attension to resolutions #5 and #4. My goal is to lose 20kg (44lb) by the end of the year. 

#2: Learn to Make a French Braid – Ever since I was quite young I’ve been wanting to learn to make a french braid. Now it’s finally time to do it and I’m probably going to need some help from my friends (you know who you are)!

#1: Take an IQ Test – The idea of taking an IQ test has been sneaking around my brain for a while now. I’m really eager to find out how smart or dim I actually am. 

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri

This blog is part of this weeks weekly writing challenge and it was written in just 30 minutes.


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