Writing prompts and challenges

Versatile Bloggers

One of the best things about reading and writing a blog/blogs is the variety of choice around the Internet. There are so many blogs out there that you are sure to be able to find the ones you love the most and skip the ones that doesn’t interest you. This also makes it possible for anyone to start exactly the kind of blog one wants.

There are different blogger personalities as well. Some people like to blog daily, some weekly and some might want to blog even more rarely. We are all different after all and in the end it doesn’t matter how far apart your posts are, but most bloggers find that consistency is the key.

There are as many different blogger personalities as there are bloggers

Some people are experts at things and want to share their knowledge of cooking, crafts, photography, technology etc. Others like to share their opinions on things such as the news, or they might have book- or movie related blog, where they post reviews. Among them are also the likes of me, who blog about anything the universe offers.

Some of us are so called social bloggers who eagerly comment on other posts and also encourage others to comment on their own posts. On the other hand some bloggers might have their comments disabled for whatever reason, which is part of their blogger personality.

I’m fairly new to blogging, and when I first started I questioned my choices constantly  thinking is this or that something that bloggers are supposed to do. I thought I should perhaps have some strict guideline or theme, maybe books, that I should blog about. I thought nobody would want to follow a blog that doesn’t have a certain theme, and I almost didn’t start blogging at all.

My test result was EDMT

The moment I decided that I’m not gonna care if anyone likes my blog or not, my own blogger personality started to take shape. I’m a multiple topic social blogger who likes to inspire others.

If you want to know what your blogger personality is take a look at this Blogger Personality Test! It was created by a fellow blogger, Rarasaur, who made the test with her husband. Follow the link and you’ll find instructions how to do it and while your at it, take a look at Rara’s cool and geeky blog, it’s amazing!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri

Today I failed to write this in 30 minutes or less, which is my challenge for the ongoing seven days. 😦 It took me about about 40 minutes to write this, but I blame my husband for making me distracted.


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