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Stupid song lyrics

The world is filled with music, which is great, but how much do you really think about the lyrics of the songs.

When I was a kid and I listened to foreign music I never understood a word, but when I learned some English I soon realized, maybe E-rotic’s “Fred come to bed” isn’t the most appropriate music for a thirteen year-old to listen to.

Some songs just don’t make sense, or the lyrics are perhaps way too simple and make the listener feel a little dumb. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is famous for the following lyrics:

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)
We-we-we so excitedWe so excitedWe gonna have a ball today
Tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday comes after … wards

As if the listener really doesn’t know the weekdays and the order they’re in. I’m not that dim!

Madonna and Justin Timberlake made a song called “4 Minutes” in 2008 and I actually like the song. It’s very danceable and I like it, but the lyrics make no sense.

Time is waiting, we only got 4 minutes to save the world
No hesitating, grab a boy, grab a girl

So, you have four minutes to save the world and you are able to do it by grabbing a boy and a girl.

I’ve had R Kelly’s “I Believe I can fly” playing in my head all day and as I was singing it the lyrics of it hit me.

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day

Seriously! He’s thinking about how he believes he can fly all day and all night long! It almost made me laugh out loud when I actually heard what I was singing. 😀

R Kelly is a master stupid lyrics writer, because thinking about believing to fly isn’t the only stupid thing he sings about. Check this out!

“And she said please no don’t stop
And I said I caught a cramp
And she said please keep on goin’
I said my leg is about to crack
Then she cries out
Oh my goodness, I’m about to climax
And I said cool
Just let go of my leg”

The song is called “Trapped in a Closet” so what can you expect. Just let go of my leg… that made me laugh. 😀

Britney Spears has also been criticized of having really dumb song lyrics. Her son “Email my Heart” is one of them and the title says it all!

E-mail my heart and say our love will never die

For me Nicki Minaj is like a big mess and I really don’t understand anything that goes on in her head. Her part in the song “Monster” has so stupid lyrics that I could quote them here entirely, but I wont. Here’s some of my favorites:

Ok first things first I’ll eat your brains

She on a diet but her pockets eating cheese cake

Yeah my money’s so tall that my barbie’s gotta climb it

No sense at all! None of them! Some lyrics on the other hand are just so serious that the seriousness makes you roll on the floor. Snap has succeeded with this with the song “Rhytm is a dancer” where you can hear the following:

I’m serious as cancer
When I say rhythm is a dancer

Things are serious!

Have you heard any stupid song lyrics lately? Share them and give me a laugh!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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