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Friends keep me moving

If you’re anything like me, you hate exercise but you love the feeling afterwards. This is why I don’t normally do any exercise voluntarily; I have to be asked and begged to do it or optionally spend such a huge amount of money on a gym membership that I feel obligated to go there.

Earlier today I was sitting on the couch trying to figure out what to blog about when my phone rings. A good friend of mine calls and asks me to go out for a walk with her and her dog. Immediately I come up with great excuses; It’s gold outside, I’m about to write the blog, I don’t have any proper shoes since my running/walking shoes got broken last week, etc.

Eventually even my husband chimes in and urges me to go, so I can’t refuse. I get dressed and I pack myself up real good, because it actually is cold outside (-10°C/52°F). While dressing up the greatest thing happened; I picked up a pair of jeans I bought about 18 months ago that didn’t fit me at the time. For some reason I decide to try them on now, and to my utter surprise they actually fit and I’m practically skipping from joy and I head out to meet my friend.

We’ve gone out for these walks quite regularly lately and it’s always fun even though I never really feel like doing it. I realize very clearly that one of the reasons why the jeans fit me now is because I have this friend who goes through the weekly phone call of asking me to join her. Every time she has to listen to my stupid excuses and just adamantly tell me to get off the couch and move!

I really enjoy our walks for bunch of reasons:

  • We have great talks while walking
  • Her dog is just amazing!
  • I always feel good about myself afterwards
  • I’m getting in a better shape
  • I’m losing weight!
  • I feel happier and more energetic

Tonight’s walk wasn’t too bad after all. We took an easier route which was nice and after a while the weather didn’t feel as cold anymore. The night was really pretty as well with the snow slowly falling down. It’s actually starting to feel a little like Christmas.

Before saying bye for tonight and going back home I told my friend I have another pair of jeans in the closet that have been too small for me for almost ten years, so I guess these walks should probably remain regular.

What I’m trying to say is thank you, Enni, for being my friend and making the call every week!

I’n my case my friends, or this particular friend, keeps me moving and I’m truly grateful for that. Everyone should have a friend like that.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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