Sunday News

News of the Week – 12th Issue

Sunday News


Monkey wandering around an Ikea parking lot in Toronto:

A monkey called Darwin was spotted roaming around the parking lot of Ikea in Toronto last Monday. The monkey was apparently looking for it’s owner who was shopping at the store. The monkey being stylish wearing a sheepskin coat and a diaper shot to immediate stardom and now has a twitter account and a bunch of hilarious memes. READ MORE!

Fifty Shades of a divorce:

A British woman is divorcing her husband on grounds the erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey failed to jump start their non-existent love life. The woman inspired by the book tried to get her husband to bed by buying new sexy underwear and suggesting trying out some of the scenes from the book. The husband was not amused. READ MORE!

White House to consider building a Death Star:

A petition to build a Death Star space station has received the 25,000 signatures needed for it to be considered by the White House. The campaign’s founder, John D, registered the petition on the White House website on Nov 14. He thinks the Death Star, just like the one on the Star Wars movies, would be a perfect weapon to defend the Earth. READ MORE!

Last but not least, I hope light and love can fill the hearts of everyone suffering from the shooting in Connecticut.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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