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Top 7 – Christmas


Christmas is my favorite season of all the seasons. Today I’ll give you a list of the things I like and anticipate the most about Christmas.

#7: Christmas songs – I especially love all the upbeat songs like ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’. Though the ballad-like songs, such as ‘Silent night, holy night’, are beautiful, they don’t get the Christmas spirit in me revved up as easily.

#6: Decorations – Christmas decorations are just so beautiful. And all the lights and candles…

#5: The gifts – It’s always great to receive gifts, but I love to give gifts as well. If I had all the money in the world I would by a gift for absolutely everyone!

#4: Christmas cards – I send Christmas cards to my family and friends every year. I send more than I receive, but that doesn’t ever bother me, I love making the cards and I want to spread joy to everyone.


#3: The Christmas lights – I love all the lights around Christmas. The city always puts up their own lights and people want to decorate their own yards and houses. All the lights are magnificent during the dark time when the sun hardly rises.

#2: The TV-shows – It seems there are the same shows on TV year after year, but to me it’s a fun tradition to watch the same cartoons and shows as I did when I was a kid. They bring back great memories.

#1: The food – The main event, eating! The food is just so good and you’re allowed to eat as much you can!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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