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Christmas Traditions

As Christmas gets closer by the day, I get this warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I start making my Christmas-lists, what to buy from the store, who to visit, what gifts I still need to get, things to be done etc. I just love Christmas…

I love traditions and I think that’s why I like Christmas as much as I do, because somehow most traditions involve around Christmas. At least in our family. Some traditions were created already in my mother’s childhood, like what sort of peas we would have on Christmas. Last Christmas I had to go back to the store because I had bought the wrong peas, because I wanted to start my own pea-tradition, and I mistakenly thought I could, after all we were spending Christmas at our home.

So, some traditions stick hard, but some are more flexible. In Finland we celebrate our independence on December 6, and I remember when I was kid, we used to bake the Christmas cookies on our independence day. When I moved to live on my own I carried on this tradition and when we spent our first Christmas under the same roof with my husband, I introduced this tradition to him. Last year this tradition evolved when me and my friend decided we should bake the cookies together.

I also remember when I was little, my parents used to decorate the house on Christmas eve’s eve’s night, while me and my sister were asleep. It was magical to wake up on Christmas eve to see the decorations put up when there was no sign of them anywhere the night before. After breakfast, or was it before breakfast, me and my sister had the tradition to decorate the Christmas tree together, fighting over the ornaments of course.

Me and my sister laughing on Christmas forever ago.
(I’m the one on the right)

Traditions are great when they last year after year, but sometimes life changes and some traditions must go and new ones will rise. Me and my mom used to cook some of the food together on Christmas, my chore was to peel all the potatoes, carrots and beet roots for the Christmas salad, ‘sallatti’ or ‘rosolli’.  But since I met my husband and started to spend some Christmases with his family, our cooking tradition faded. Now I cook it all by my self most Christmases, when we decide to stay at home just the two of us.

We always have our big traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas eve, and I think that’s something everyone in Finland does. A Finnish tradition. After dinner we open the presents one by one. It’s usually my job to give out the presents, though I don’t remember when exactly this tradition began.

I can’t wait to start up my own family and make our own Christmas traditions with our children. Christmas is right around the corner, so be good!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


4 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. I absolutely love Christmas traditions. I think your parents were great to create a Christmas fantasy for you guys every Christmas Eve. Decorating our home, I can only imagine the effort that was involved in them doing it all in one night.

    1. Thanks, Kitt, for visiting and following my blog. Our home was quite small, so it wasn’t that big of job to decorated in one night, but I think it was great as well. 🙂

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