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The Naked Truth

The world is a weird place where people, especially women, are expected to be pretty and skinny all the time. Models barely eat and all fashion photographs are heavily retouched and fixed. Little girls wear make up and dye their hair, and more and more kids isolate themselves at school, because they don’t have the “correct” outfit or back-bag.

Last week a friend of mine made me aware of a dare called ‘Naked Truth’, which fights against superficial beauty. A Finnish fashion blogger, Veera Korhonen, got annoyed when someone commented on a picture of her friend in a gorgeous dress. The comment was degrading and suggested that the dress would look better on someone skinnier.

This comment inspired Veera to start this dare where bloggers share a picture of themselves without any make up and gimmicks, and no photoshopping nor any retouching. On her blog, Veera mentioned, she was surprised how many bloggers wanted to get involved and she was overwhelmed by the amount of photos she inspired other bloggers to post.

So, here I am. As I am. No make up. No hair-do. Just me. Do you dare to do the dare?

I think this is an important issue that needs to be out there. You are allowed to be who you are, and you should be! And you should be happy being you! People are so much more than what you see. If you agree and think that the preferred body image shouldn’t be size zero, and all other weird things the society expects from us, do this dare and show me who you are!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri

If you want to check Veera’s fashion blog, click over here. It is in Finnish, so if you don’t  speak the language, you’ll be disappointed.


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