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Wednesday Review: The Lumineers

If about two hours ago you would’ve asked me if I know the band The Lumineers, I would have said I’ve never heard of them. But ask me now and I’d say yes, and I absolutely love them!

The Lumineers

The Lumineers are a trio based in Denver, Colorado. Wesley Schults and Jeremiah Fraites started the band a decade ago. Sometime later they found cellist Neyla Pekarek through a craigslist ad and the trio was complete. They made a self-recorded EP back in 2011, which led them on a self-booked tour. The tour led to their fan base to grow and today their self-titled album is number 48 on Spotify in the top 100 list of albums everywhere, and that’s where I found them.

I’d describe their music as folksy soulful, fun, pretty and easy-going. It’s easy to listen to and it makes me feel myself important. The lyrics feel honest and I like listening to them. The music gets its feel and melodies from Pekarek’s cello and mandolin and from the cool voice of Wesley Schults. There are also a variety of amazing clapping and stomping sounds to create the sound of The Lumineers.

I’m kind of excited that I found them, because they seem so great! I will probably definitely listen to them again!

I give The Lumineers four thumbs up!

This post is also part of my 101 Things challenge, where I try to listen to ten albums by artists I have never listened to before. Feel free to suggest bands and artist in the comments you think I probably have not listened to but i definitely should.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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