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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I’m having a lazy Saturday and thought I’d take part in this week’s photo challenge. The theme for this week is “gallery of GREEN“. As I mentioned, I’m lazy today and don’t really feel like going outside to take photos, so I went through some old photographs I’ve taken (or someone has taken of me) and tried to spot all the green.

That was truly a challenge because most of my photos are now on my sister’s computer, so I had pretty much no photos. Never give your computer to your sister without extracting your photos before passing it on. Thank heavens for Facebook!

In my gallery of GREEN:

1. I took a ride on the “Harry Potter train” a few years ago while visiting Scotland. (Edit:Two years ago to be exact as my best friend kindly pointed out… 🙂 )

2. In the jungle… Not really. 😀 This picture was taken in the Antonio Borges park in Ponta Delgada, Azores, two years ago. The island was green all over!

3. Green is one of my favourite colours and I wear it a lot.

4. This picture is from our trip to the Azores as well. This shot is from a city called Sete Cidades and it’s situated in the middle of volcanoes.

5. This is Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Even though it’s a concrete jungle, there’s a splash of green here and there.

6. Me on Christmas when I was three years old. Santa had brought me a doll with a green dress and I think it’s the first doll I ever got.

7. I told you my favourite colour is green, so I had a green wedding dress!

That was all the green I have for you. If you wanna be part of the challenge visit the Photo Challenge page on the Daily Post at WordPress.com!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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