Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Board games

Spending time with my friends and family is something I enjoy immensely. What makes it all even better is playing board games. Lately the board games have unfortunately been left in the cupboard, but I’m planning to throw a board games night sometime in the future, so I better get those games out.

These are my favorite board games!

#7: Monopoly – This game caused so many tantrums and too many shedding of tears. I used to play this with my sister and our cousins when we were kids and I always lost. I’ve never been too good handling money I guess.

#6: Scrabble – I remember surprising my host mother during my au pair year with the word “ogre”. She didn’t believe me when I tried to convince her that it’s an actual word, so she had to check it out from the dictionary. I was so smug when she had to admit that I was actually correct.

#5: Cluedo – I have not played this game for a long time, but I like all detective games, even though I usually lose. And trust me, I’m not a good loser, though I do try to contain myself.

#4: Trivial Pursuit – I’ve played my version of this so many times that I’m starting to recall the answers. I love this game, because even if you answer wrong, you still learn and get smarter.

#3: Dominion – This is a simple and complex game at the same time. In fact it’s not even a board game, how did this get lost on this list… I usually play it with my husband and we have a lot of fun playing it.

#2: Carcassonne – This is such a great game! I recommend everyone should own it. There are multiple expansion packs available, which makes the game all the more fun. It’s suitable for young and old and everyone from between. I always lose this one too and I usually end up crying, but it’s still a lot of fun!

#1: Ticket to Ride – This is me and my sister’s favorite game, we play this every time she visits. Well, maybe not every time, but we definitely should… And hey!, this I don’t lose every time, just most of the times.

These are my favorites, please leave your favorite games and suggestions in the comments!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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