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Where have all the socks gone?

Why is that every time I do laundry I lose at least one or more socks? And why is it never a full pair? It’s always the other one leaving the other all alone in my drawer. Why do they do that and where do they go?

Whenever this happens to me, I usually save the lonely sock and hope I’ll find the other one later. Maybe I didn’t pick it up from the floor or perhaps I didn’t even put it in the washer. I’m sure it’ll show up and then I’d be sorry if I had given up and thrown the other one away.

Most of the time I end up with a huge pile of lonely socks, and sort them through every six months. On some happy occasion I do actually find matching socks from the pile, but most of the time I end throwing them away or re-using them as sock-puppets.

I don’t really mind losing the socks if their old and ragged, but when I’ve just bought a new pair and I end up with just one when hanging them to dry, I get really effin mad! Why would this brand new pair of socks do this to me? Where would they go? Aren’t my feet good enough for them?

I blame it on my washer, I’m pretty sure it eats them. Hmm.. maybe not. But I do blame it on my cats, who like to play with them. I’m fairly sure there are at least five lonely socks under our couch right now and a few socks under our bed. Sometimes I blame it on my husband too. He doesn’t necessarily play with them, but when he loads the washer, he doesn’t really care if all the socks go in, and usually this causes socks to separate.

I feel sad and sorry for all the lonely socks that are never going to be used again.

This post goes to all the lonely socks out there; be brave! You’ll get paired up eventually, even if it’s a mismatch, but you’ll find someone!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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