Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Sandwich Fillings

I’m feeling a little peckish right now and I’m craving for a delicious filled sandwich. I’ve been browsing the Internet for the most mouthwatering recipes. This is a list of the recipes I want to try right now!

#7: Coleslaw Sandwich –  I love coleslaw! I think it’s perfect with pretty much anything so why not in a sandwich. This recipe seems quite easy to try.

#6: Peppery Tuna Sandwich – This sandwich looks almost too delicious. I’m definitely going to try this recipe someday.

#5: Open Halloumi and Pepper Sandwich – I’m getting hungrier and hungrier here. I might switch the halloumi to goat cheese, though it’s definitely delicious either way. Find the recipe here.

#4: Mediterranean Layered Sandwich – Mediterranean tastes are the best. Though mozzarella isn’t my favorite cheese I have an unhealthy craving for it from time to time. Recipe!

#3: Chicken Delight Sandwich – Chicken is always a great filling for sandwiches as long as you add enough some sort of sauce. This sandwich has mango chutney. See the recipe here!

#2: Avocado BLT – BLT is a great sandwich as its own, but add avocado and you’re in heaven. I’ve bee  having really warm feelings towards avocado lately. I recommend you try it with some lemon-pepper. But for the sandwich recipe go here!

#1: Beef and Beetroot Sandwich – Beef is good! Beetroot is good! Together they can’t be bad! I most definitely want to try this recipe!

I’m gonna go eat!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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