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Oh Boy…

Oh boy – What have I gotten myself into? There’s a chance I made a commitment to start blogging daily last Sunday. Well, I’ve been sitting here on my couch with my computer on my lap for about three hours now and I’ve got pretty much nothing.

I already started three different posts, but I got bored with those after a few lines, so I deleted them. Now I’m obviously stuck with this one…

The scariest thing is that it hasn’t even been a week yet since this commitment. So, how many of these miniature writer’s blocks am I going to have? How often am I going to get them? What do I do if this happens every five days?

The Daily Post at Worpress.com helps me out a lot though. They have a weekly writing challenge and they give daily prompts, which are very helpful.

But those topics aren’t always something I want to write about, so I might end up having this dilemma too often.

I guess I need to start some sort of system or a list about ideas and topics… Maybe that would help me when my brain is absolutely empty. What do you, my dear reader, do if you have this dilemma? I refuse to be the only with this problem. 😀

For now, I’ll just take a deep breath and go with this post. If you have any ideas or topics you wish I’s write about, leave a comment below. Or if you want to know something about me, leave your questions below as well. Or tweet me @keri_tweets with #KeriTellMeThis

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


5 thoughts on “Oh Boy…

  1. Two ideas: Keep a page (that is either public or not) that you can jot down ideas on. Or, use an off-line editor – like Live Writer – where you can draft a quick paragraph or two without even having to be online. I use and really like Live Writer. Not that I’m a big-time blogger – I’m not, but it helps me. Second, if you absolutely cannot think of anything, go bing some pictures, find one you like, and write about it, like that prompt from the other day to write a story about a picture, the one with the man standing between two children from the mid-sixties. Pictures can be really evocative and help get rid of that block. Hope that helps.

      1. It’s a cool little program – I really like it – you register your blog with it and once you get it looking exactly the way you want, click and it’s uploaded. And easey-peasey to use, too.

        Sims FTW!! lol

  2. Remember some random thought you had during the day and write about it. For example today even though I mainly thought about politics I also checked how to be Plan godmother, wondered how much it would cost to use spermbank and if they even give it to single women. Then I wondered why old people always talk out of turn and what should I put on my “If I die” -file… etc. I bet you also have loads of thoughts during the day. 🙂

    1. I bet you’d think I have loads of thoughts during the day…. I wouldn’t guarantee it. 😉 I guess I have a few thoughts during the day though…

      Anyway, I tried this today. I had an awesome idea about a topic at work today. I made a mental note to remember that thought, but unfortunately I can’t remember it anymore. I’m hopeless. 😀

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