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Hannah Hart

Daily Prompt:
You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

I’ve probably said this before and there’s a chance I might say it again and again – Hannah Hart is amazing! I do not know her personally, but my life would be boring without her.

She’s cool and fun, and great at puns. She’s caring and smart and she knows what she wants. She makes YouTube videos, she tweets and she vlogs. She’s an entertainer through and through.

She loves to read, play chess and drink a little whiskey. She cooks while she’s drunk, but she always uses a butter-knife. She can speak Japanese and some French and she can also sing.

She cares for her fans and she sends them real letters. She gives advise from her hart and she’s just tons of fun.

She’s just so much fun… I can’t even find the words… Hannah deserves to exist, because she brings laughter to people’s lives.

She needs to exist so don’t let her vanish.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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