Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Future Plans & Almost 30 – Day 30

“Sigh”… One day older and closer to 30.

This post is part of my 30-day Challenge towards my adulthood. I’m turning thirty on September and this is my way of dealing with my age-crisis. Check out the first post!

Day 30:

Your hopes and dreams.

On the first post I said I would tell about my hopes and dreams for the upcoming decade of my life. Because it’s Friday I’ll give you seven of them. They are not in any particular order.

#7: Children – I want to have kids. As many as I possibly can, but I’ll settle for at least two. And it wouldn’t even matter which gender they are as long as the first one is a girl and the second is a boy. Haha, I’m just kidding.

#6: Marriage – I know I just got married two weeks ago and I’m not looking for a new one. I’m planning to keep my marriage intact and happy, and not give up even if it might feel a little hard sometimes

#5: Travel – I’ve always loved to travel and I hope I’ll still be able to travel in the future with the children and all. I hope that by the time I’m forty I have traveled outside of Europe a least once. For now My travels have only happened inside Europe and I really want to see the beauty of the world everywhere!

#4: Home – I want to have a safe and warm home for my family. I would love to live in a big house with a big yard and have swimming pool. I’m pretty sure we’ll never get the swimming pool, but the house is possible.

#3: Health – I’m thirty and I’m fairly healthy. I’m planning to be healthier and in better shape when I’m forty as I am now. I’m really out of shape at the moment, so this is very much achievable goal.

#2: Living abroad – Ever since I lived in England for a year I’ve wanted to move abroad again some day. I really don’t know if it’s going to happen, but it would be cool to live somewhere like Canada or Australia in the next ten years.

#1: Career – I wanna get promoted and move forward in my career. In ten years I could get pretty far. Maybe I won’t be the executive of the whole department store where I work right now, but in ten years time I should be something more bossy than I am right now.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri

P.S. Tomorrow’s post – the last post to this challenge – will be posted on Monday. I’m in London right now and I’ll be home on Sunday night, so you’ll have to wait until Monday.


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