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Shaytember – The Challenge

I’m sure everyone knows that I’m addicted to YouTube by now, so you’re not going to find it weird when I say I found a challenge on YouTube.

I’m in love with the Shaytards-family and they are orchestrating this 30-day change-your-life-for-good challenge during September.

I thought I’d take part in this challenge because the BEDA-challenge went so well. I actually blogged every single day during August, got highly addicted and I’m so proud of myself. This got me thinking: “maybe these monthly challenge things are exactly what I need”.

If you want to change your life and make it more the way you want it, watch the video above and get inspired. Decide three goals for yourself to achieve during the month of September and push yourself into a better you.

My goals are:

#1 Do some sort of exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.
#2 Eat at least 6 fruits or vegetables every day.
#3 Learn to do braid my hair.

Sub goals:

#1 Go to gym 4 times a week.
#2 Take the stairs!
#3 No sugar on weekdays.
Bonus goal: Watch all the Shayloss videos.

The challenge isn’t solely about weight loss and health, so your goals can be anything you want. You might want to become a better photographer, or you might want to learn to play the piano, or to become a better writer, etc.

I want to make it a weight loss challenge because I’ve been losing and gaining weight back and forth since forever. I’m getting married next week and hopefully gonna start making babies. I want to be healthier mother and have energy to play with the kids when they grow up.

This is going to be challenging this month because of my wedding next week and a trip to London coming up, but I’m going to do my best and hopefully I’ll be surprised.

I almost made a new blog for this, but decided to drop that and put it all in here. I’m not planning to blog about this topic everyday, but I will be writing my thoughts on my journal. I will however share my progress with all of you during this month.

Here’s a “before”-picture with me as I really am.

If there’s any other shaytards-fans out there who are doing this or anyone who is trying to live healthier and going through weight loss, please introduce yourselves! I really need all the support I can get!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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