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Top 7 – Girl Crush

A girl don’t have to be gay to have a crush on a girl, right? Not that I have anything against gay people. Sometimes I even wish I was one of them… Anyway, today’s top-7 list is a list of girls/women I would like to date, woo and please if only I wasn’t straight (and married in a week).

The list was inspired by this comment by a friend of mine on my post about entertaining YouTubers.

I was surprised that Hannah wasn’t first.

If you know what I replied, you already know who’s number one. 😉

#7: Taylor Swift – She’s so tall, pretty and gorgeous. Her music is great as well and she’s got a great voice. She’s talented and ambitious, and she has already accomplished so much. She’s so cool and fun!

Taylor Swift

#6: Ellen Page – She’s so cute and tiny. Like total opposite of Taylor Swift – short and brunette. She’s pretty ambitious and talented as well and has also accomplished a lot during her career. I like her a lot.

#5: Jennifer Lopez – I was a fan of J-Lo as a teenager, but the crush thing didn’t happen until she appeared on American Idol. She’s just so much fun and she’s nice to look at as well. I’m pretty sure she’s nice to everyone and kind to her children. I bet she smells damn nice too.

Jennifer Lopez

#4: Mila Kunis – The Black Swan did it. She was no longer the spoiled pretty girl of that 70’s Show. This woman is hot! I could stare into those big brown eyes for ages.

Mila Kunis

#3: Milana Vayntrub – This young woman is one of the funniest women on earth, or at least on YouTube. And she’s gorgeous, beautiful and cute. I’m starting to think I have a thing for brown-eyed brunettes.

Milana Vayntrub

#2: Zooey Dechanel – I love Zooey! She’s so weird and quirky in such a bizarre way, I’m just mesmerized by her. She’s charming and lovely, and I like everything she does. I especially like her voice – I could listen to it for hours. Oh, and I love her hair!

#1: Hannah Hart – She’s the reason for this list! Hannah is the number one pursuable girl, who I have an unhealthy crush on at the moment.

I love her! She’s fun, cute, cool, friendly, and caring. She can cook, sing, rap, entertain and she has a special skill inventing puns. She can even speak Japanese and to me, that is impressive. How do I know all this? From watching her videos on her channel on YouTube. She’s just SO cool. I bet we would get along really well in real life. 🙂

Hannah Hart

The truth is, I could write a whole post about Hannah Hart. I could probably write tons of posts about her. My friends might even say I’m obsessed and I should get help. 😀

Well, help is what I ask! Tell me who you have a crush on in the celebrity-ville. Same-sex or opposite.. Unhealthy, normal or bizarre..

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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