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Almost 30 – Day 7

“Sigh”… One day older and closer to 30.

This post is part of my 30-day Challenge towards my adulthood. I’m turning thirty on September and this is my way of dealing with my age-crisis. Check out the first post!

Day 7:

Your dream wedding.

Every woman has probably imagined her dream wedding ever since they first learned of such a thing. Well, so have I.

I used to dream of a big wedding with my whole family, from parents and siblings to cousins and friends. I would get married in the same church where I was christened and we would have the wedding dinner and the party at some rented villa. There would be a band playing great music and entertaining the guests. The sun would be shining and everyone would be happy.

But then, I met the man who was The One. You know the saying “you can’t choose who you fall in love with”? The man I fell for, didn’t wanna get married at all at first. He said he didn’t believe in marriage, so I basically started to dream of ever even having a wedding.

Eventually he came around and thought marriage can’t be that bad and we got engaged. We’re getting married next week on Friday and our wedding is a lot different from what I used to dream of. But it’s our wedding, not mine alone. We’re not getting married in church and we’ve only invited our immediate family and one childhood friend each. It’s small, but it’s us.

Most of my friends think (or at least they thought) that I’m giving up on something important because I’m not having my dream wedding. And yeah, sure, they’re slightly correct, I would love to have them all there, but we made our decisions together and this is how we roll.

I’m happy that I’m getting married to a man who is the love of my life and who loves me unconditionally. Why should I insist I get my big fat wedding when I know he’d be extremely uncomfortable and stressed out the whole day. After all, we’re getting married because we love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together, not because it’s a reason to have a party. Marriage is for two people and wedding is what happens when two people get married. Why should it be dictated by the bride alone?

My dream wedding is the kind where I say “I do”, and he says “me too!”.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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