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Wednesday Review: Helen Hoffner – Wild About Nothing

I was going through my old cassette-tapes the other day and found Helen Hoffner’s Wild About Nothing. This was probably my first cassette ever and I loved it! I’m so happy I found it, I’ve been listening to it constantly ever since last week. (That’s when I found it again..)

The album was released in 1993. It amazes me how good the album still is, rock is good, no matter when you made it or when you listen to it. I’m also stunned that I can still remember the lyrics even though I haven’t been listening to it for at least 13 years.

Helen Hoffner was a one hit wonder in the 90s and I think she only made one (or two) albums. I tried to look for information on her from google, but google failed me. Apparently Helen Hoffner was really popular in Finland and Norway, but not really anywhere else. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

So today I’m gonna review the album for you. Be warned, I don’t know a thing about music, so my terminology might be way off, but I listen fluently and I give out my opinions easily.

Note that the “play”-icon will take you to the song on YouTube.

Wild About Nothing

The opening track is really promising, starting calmly, singing about birds and bees. The song builds up towards the chorus and after that it’s just not caring about anything. Great opening track for the album.

Summer Of Love

The number one hit and the first single from the album. It was the summer hit in 1993 and it still works. It’s the summer of love and I feel on fire…


The first slow-song. When this plays on the radio, you let the guy or girl touch your bum while dancing. The song builds up towards the end and it’s a great rock-song.

Holy river

I like the feel of this song and it has a catchy guitar-riff (I’m guessing..).

Is There Anybody Out There

I’ve noticed that in most cases, the number five track of any album is my favorite and this time’s no different. This song is just so good even after 19 years from it’s release. The rhythm, melody, lyrics, guitar, drums, singing… It’s a great song!

Perfect Day

The perfect cover of an amazing Lou Reed song. Helen Hoffner’s husky voice is just perfect for this song. I love it!

Lovers Come, Lovers Go

I would describe this song with a word – Blaah. It’s not completely terrible, but it’s the one I wanna skip, or in this case fast forward.

Whispers In The Wind

This is a song about how mommy and daddy don’t love each other anymore. It has sort of a country-song feel to it. I might skip this one too the next time.

Papa’s Car

This song is just too good. I can listen to it over and over again. It makes me want to rip my clothes of and… well you know… yeah! 😉

Say A Prayer

This is the perfect song to listen to after the previous one, (and after the wohoo the previous song got you into). Maybe not lyric-wise, but tune-wise definitely. It might make you feel like you want a second round… 😉

This Is The Last Time

This is the song to sing, when you once again promise that this is the last time you take that man back and let him hurt you again. Though it’s not really as angry as you might imagine. I would describe it “breezy”. But it’s still good!

Edge Of A Dream

I’ll just say that this song is a fine last song on an album. Supposedly Bryan Adams is on this song…

I give this album four and a half thumbs up!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


One thought on “Wednesday Review: Helen Hoffner – Wild About Nothing

  1. Recently I listened to her song “Summer of Love” from a different language. And that’s how I got to hear her voice. Yea, wonder why there is not much info on her…great blog btw

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