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Social Media and Me

I’m a social person, I love to meet new people and share my views and thoughts about all things imaginable. Or, I might be a bit antisocial and maybe prefer to surf the waves of the Internet and meet people online than actually go out in the real world.

But is there such a thing as being antisocial if you spend your time on your computer? With all the social media out there, do we even have to leave the house anymore?

There’s a social media platform for everyone; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Get Glue, tons of different blogging sites, another ton of sites to display your photos, there’s Deviant art, Goodreads, Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, Digg, and too many others to mention.

I use Facebook mainly to stay in contact with my friends who live out of town or abroad. I update my status rarely, but I send private messages through Facebook every day.

I haven’t really gotten the hang of Twitter yet and I tweet maybe once a month. I’m totally hooked on twitter, so I should probably just get my tweets going. I usually just stalk celebrities over there. 🙂

I love Goodreads, ’cause it’s just so easy and fun to use. I love books and it’s a perfect place to find others who love books too. Knowing how many books you’ve read this year has never been easier.

Social media is also a perfect platform for shy people to create and share their thoughts. I, for example, am a “shy-around-new-people” type of person. I’m very shy and quiet, whenever I’m around strangers or friends-of-a-friends I’ve never met before. This might easily seem antisocial or arrogant, and I am neither. But once I hang around with these new friends a while longer and get to know them, I loosen up and let the real me stand out.

But when I get the chance to write things down, for example here on WordPress or over at Twitter, it’s different somehow. I don’t see the expressions on your face and therefore can’t make any assumptions based on that (I have a tendency to over-analyze things). Here I can be me from the beginning and show you who I am.

Basically social media gives you (and your company) an effective way to promote yourself. The downside is, that online anyone can claim to be whoever they want. So, how do you choose who to trust? What sort of impression do you want to give?

What sort of impression have I given to you? Answer here!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri

PS. Touch me here:
Twitter – @Keri_Tweets
Goodreads – Inkeri
Tumblr – Keri the Lady


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