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I am Awesome!

I went for a drink after work with a few colleagues yesterday and we talked about self confidence; How some people have it, how some people don’t and how everyone should find it.

We were sitting there at the table and somehow we started talking about the things we like about our own appearance, and the things we don’t like. We can’t really change the we we look, other than exercise or the way we do our hair or whether we wear make up or not. There’s always the opportunity to go under the knife, but that wasn’t our topic today.

One of my colleagues who was taking part in this conversation is extremely pretty. At least she is to me, with blond long hair, big brown eyes, great figure and long legs, but she thinks she’s hideous. She says, she’s got big nose, crooked teeth, small boobs and weak hair.

This got us into talking about self confidence, because I’m totally the opposite. I’m overweight, short and chubby, I don’t pluck my eyebrows and I have ugly teeth, but still I think I’m awesome! I have self confidence and I love it!

I like the person who I am and I enjoy spending time with myself. I believe that in order to expect someone to love you, you must first learn to love yourself. After all, it’s you, who you have to live the rest of your life with, you might as well love the person your living with.

I don’t know for sure how I got the self confidence I have, but I believe it has a lot to do with my parents and the way they always remember to share their unconditional love.

Yep, It’s me!

I’ve also always enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror – I’ve always liked my hair and my mouth, and even though my eyes are small, I think they’re pretty cool.

What amazes me the most, is the lack of self confidence in people who should have it even more than I have. Few of my closest friends have surprisingly low self esteem and I just don’t understand why. These people are amazing to me and they should love themselves at least half as much as I do.

I wish I could share my self confidence to others and be able to get people to realize how great they are. I believe everyone is special and everyone deserves love (OK, maybe not sociopaths and serial killers… or maybe they just lack the self confidence.. ).

My message to the world would be; Always remember to love yourself and never forget you’re awesome!

Where do you think self confidence comes from? Is it something we just have in ourselves or is it something we learn when we grow up? What sort of things you love about yourself the most? Free your awesome and leave a comment expressing your self confidence!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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